Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Welcome back" PSN!

A few months back, a group of hackers threatened Sony for the Geohot lawsuit and shut down the Playstation Network for a good long while.
Rage ensued for many hardcore PS3 gamers, nintendo rejoiced. (In my head anyway.)

What do you PSN users get for dealing with all this? A LOT!
NOTE: I highlighted a few key points to shorten your reading.

Q: What’s in the Welcome Back Program?
A: To start, all PSN members who had signed up before the outage (April 20, 2011) will be able to select two games for the PS3 system and two games for the PSP system.
For PS3 owners, go to the ‘Welcome Back’ section in the PlayStation Store, and select 2 titles from the following list:
  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Wipeout HD + Fury
For PSP owners, go to the ‘Welcome Back’ section of PlayStation Store on your PSP system and select 2 titles from the following list:
  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation
Select your first game from “Game 1”, then return to the Welcome Back page and go to “Game 2” to select your second game out of the remaining choices available. This goes for both PS3 and PSP.
In addition, we’re giving access to our premium subscription service, PlayStation Plus, which includes games, huge discounts, exciting exclusives and added features like online storage and automatic downloads, to all PSN members for 30 days at no charge, requiring no long term commitment. As with the games above, go to the PlayStation Store and under the ‘Welcome Back’ section, select ‘PlayStation Plus: 30 Days Free’, and you’ll be given access to all of the benefits of PlayStation Plus. Note that this will not auto-renew and simply expires 30 days after activation.
Current Plus subscribers receive an extra 60 days added to their existing subscription at no charge. For current Plus subscribers, no action is needed as the 60 days are automatically added to your subscription.
PlayStation Network users will also get 100 virtual items in PlayStation Home as a show of appreciation for your patience while Home was inaccessible. Additional content is coming soon, including the next addition to the Home Mansion personal space, and Ooblag’s Alien Casino, an exclusive game.
A selection of “On Us” movie rentals are currently available to PlayStation Network customers this weekend only, where Video Service is available.
Finally, current Music Unlimited Premium subscription members will receive an additional 30 days of premium subscription plus days lost due to the outage.
Well it looks like PSN owners are getting alot! I hope that Wii/Xbox360 owners don't get any ideas. *Hint *hint*
What do you guys think?

EDIT: It lasts until July 3rd so get it now!


  1. "Killzone Liberation".
    Sorry. Gonna go get it.

  2. got the mail notification!

  3. what?! that's such a great deal!

  4. I think you are better than most mmmm

  5. It got hacked again, didn't it?

  6. While free games are nice it's still a problem how they're continuing to get hacked.

  7. meh, ill stick to my xbox. sorry, ps3 fans! i do own a PSP though.

  8. damn, now my roommate will never pass his exams..

  9. Not sure which games to download, tbh i think they should give away some better games :/

  10. I got Little Big Planet and inFAMOUS

  11. Congratulations to all of those who got the free games and stuff, but I agree with Alice, are they just going to keep giving stuff away? Because they are sure to face this threat again in the future.

  12. Interesting reading my friend.


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