Friday, September 9, 2011

Looks like Minecraft 1.8 has been LEAKED

No I don't have the leaked download. Look it up on google and be careful of what you might download.

"Da2Shae, I've been living under a rock for a good while, whats so great about Minecraft v1.8?"

If you've been behind the Minecraft game for a bit then you might not know what the hype is about version 1.8.
Basically its the beginning of Minecraft's Adventure update. With NPCs, new quests and such. Of course quests and NPCs arent going to be in 1.8 but perhaps in 1.9. But this version still brings a lot of new features to the table as well as new monsters, experience orbs, a well designed world generator and much more.

And of course because of Notch's fail creative programming, there's going to be some glitches/lag in the game. Also, since this is a new version of the game mods will not work at all. So you'll have to play the game legit.

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