Friday, May 27, 2011

A little Ipad Garageband action!

This blog needs more music!
Youtube user palamo- p- paaa.. ugh.

This guy shows off his musical skills using the GarageBand application on his Ipad 2. This is pretty damn epic if I do say so myself!

Enjoy! Also, if you know anyone else with serious GarageBand Skills, post their channel here!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Puppies and parodic rap music.

Hey all, sorry I haven't been posting for a good while. I've been dealing with this new two month old puppy that my family adopted. Longstoryshort, its been crapping EVERYWHERE.

But its getting used to using the disposable "Pee pad". So thats good. We still have to use a ton of Febreeze.

But on to the music. Some of you guys have been asking "When are you going to make a blog post about music?" Well most of the internet pretty much hates rap music and thats what I'm into. I enjoy artists like J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Wale.

Since most of the internet dislikes rap music, here is a rap video showing a parody of several rappers in the genre today.

Short bus shortie

Short bus shortie (Remix)

I hope you guys enjoy these hilarious videos!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Terraria Released!

Well it looks like Terraria was released as expected on Monday. I know it seems like this blog is all about minecraft and Terraria, but that'll change soon! I promise!

Since its release, they've done some work with the sprites and graphics as well as some performance fixes. They also removed some dev items that were accidentally left in the game. ("Zapinator gun" whoops!). Its sold over 50,000 copies on its release day and there was a peak of 17,121 players playing all at once on the Steam's Game and player statistics page.

I myself have started playing the game and I gotta say, its pretty interesting! Its very much worth the $9.99/£5.99 that I paid for it.

Unfortunately, it is only available for the PC. It would take a long while to code the entire game to support Mac and other systems and the developers state that they plan on supporting these systems in the future.

Mac users may however use Bootcamp or Parallels to run the game. (That is, if they have a copy of Windows XP/Vista/7 etc on hand.) I haven't had much luck using Wine to run the game since it cannot install .NET framework 4.0 for some odd reason.

Other than these faults its very much worth buying. What do you guys think about terraria so far?

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Minecraft home! Spawnbase pt 2

I normally would put everything into one post but that didn't work out so well last time haha!
Here it is! Copied and pasted from my post on another website.

Edit: Sorry about the image size guys, I'm trying to find a way to sort of show the image size nodes at the edges of the image and "Click and Drag" the nodes to make the images smaller. However, the post editor is not letting me do so... If anyone can help in the comments, please do so!

Anywho, theres the first floor. Front door is on the right. The glass on the floor lets you see the stairs leading to the dungeon. I decorated it a lil bit so enjoy! The two pillars lead upstairs to the 2nd floor.

2nd floor, just made out of cobblestone. I have to do a bit of decorating.

3rd floor of my spawnbase. Including a bookroom (to the right, leading to the roof garden) and a sexy fountain. Furnace, chest and workbench in the corner.

Another view of the third floor. To the upper right is a small ladder leading to a drop down exit outside. Its my "Fire escape".

Close up of bookroom and that small ladder.

This is the bookroom. I keep it in low lighting because the red mushrooms naturally grow in low lighting so i keep the room dark. Kinda ironic because you need light to read lol. But there are no books in minecraft in which you need the light to read so there. The ladder leads to the 4th, 5th and 6th floor.

Took the ladder up to the roof garden. Notice those golden rocky blocks? Those are lightstone. Most of the outside of my base is made from this and it lights the entire base up in the middle of the night! It can be seen from large distances.

Full view of the garden. You can see that the glass floor doubles as a sunroof for the third floor. I placed lightstones there in a pattern so the third floor can be lit up evenly at night. Anyways, the garden includes wheat, roses, trees and yellow flowers. I may build a small treehouse one day.
To the upper left is the 5th and 6th floor balcony.

Here's the 5th floor, nothing much here. In the corner up there is another ladder leading to the 6th floor.

You can see a decent view from the 6th floor here.

FInally, heres another mod I want to show off. These signs let me teleport anywhere i've visited.

Later on, I'll show you my new desert base that I've finished a few hours ago.

Beautiful sunset from my second desert base. I also have a more decent roof garden and a glass waterfall! The garden is so elaborate that animals spawn there. You often see chicken eggs laying around!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Minecraft home. Spawn base! Pt 1

Here's my base. I spawn right in front of this building if I die so I decided to make this my main base.
I created this whole thing from scratch. Also for those worried about monsters appearing here and blowing my crap up, I play on the "Peaceful" difficulty so I can focus more on building than avoiding monsters. I move far away from my creations before cranking up the difficulty.

Here is the view of my small bamboo farms. I have no use for them but its a nice aesthetic view. You can see that the base sits in front of a frozen lake. Those towers are just towers with jack-o-lanturn torches on top so I can see the lake at night. I added waterfalls on them because they looked nice.

Ill try and post more later on guys! Enjoy!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Terraria Online! Release date given!

As many of you have read in my earlier blogpost Terraria is a 2D blockbuilding/survival game much like minecraft. However it focuses a little more on the RPG aspect and less on creativity.

Well the developers have released their official release date a little earlier than expected.

Its coming out this Monday (May 16th) instead of June and it will be available to purchase on Steam for $9.99.

Heres a little more gameplay to show since I didn't really show enough.

Its basically an example of what a dungeon might look like in this game. I must say, the mobs in this game are much more diverse than in minecraft. (A little too many slimes for my taste)

I'm sure people would enjoy it as much as minecraft if they gave it a chance. But thats just my opinion.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Interesting upcoming game! Minecr-- I mean Terraria online!


Terraria is a 2D online building block/survival game much like minecraft where you build during the day and hide from monsters at night.

Although this game is 2D it has MUCH more to offer than minecraft such as Boss battles, Magic attacks, potions, NPCs, shops and more...

The main issue with this game is that many people consider it to be a ripoff of minecraft. However, the developers Redigit and Blue have stated that it was inspired by minecraft but it is a completely different game from minecraft. Notch (creator of minecraft) agrees as well. In fact, terraria got popular because Notch Tweeted the link to the homepage on his twitter.

Oddly enough I can't find any decent gameplay screens but there are several gameplay videos. I gotta say, even though the game isin't out yet, I'm already addicted to it just WATCHING the gameplay videos.
Heres some game coverage by one of the Alpha testers "PaperBatVG" whos doing a "Let's play" series where he shows his progress through the game.
This is just part one but it gets pretty exciting a few episodes later.
PaperBatVG and Blue (One of the developers) playing the game while giving commentary. Provides alot of information as well as an action packed boss battle.

Release date: Sometime this June. Its going to be priced between $5 and $20 but its going to be CHEAPER than minecraft according to the developers. (But lets pray for a free release!)
Other info: Yes, alpha testing is closed, don't bother asking. There WILL be multiplayer servers much like minecraft has. Possibly a pawngame server as well!

Anyone gonna try this game out based on what they've seen in the videos?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The first post of the blog! Come meet the creator!

Hey readers, I thought I'd use this first blog to introduce myself. I am Da2Shae, and I am currently a college student attending the University of Maryland.

Now as a college student, I won't be adding too much to my blogs but I will try to keep things interesting. I'll mostly be posting things that interest me that I might find on the internet. This could range from games like Minecraft or Runescape to music.

But my blogs will vary from time to time. I'll be posting whatever interests me at the time.

Hope to get a lot of followers!

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