Monday, May 16, 2011

My Minecraft home! Spawnbase pt 2

I normally would put everything into one post but that didn't work out so well last time haha!
Here it is! Copied and pasted from my post on another website.

Edit: Sorry about the image size guys, I'm trying to find a way to sort of show the image size nodes at the edges of the image and "Click and Drag" the nodes to make the images smaller. However, the post editor is not letting me do so... If anyone can help in the comments, please do so!

Anywho, theres the first floor. Front door is on the right. The glass on the floor lets you see the stairs leading to the dungeon. I decorated it a lil bit so enjoy! The two pillars lead upstairs to the 2nd floor.

2nd floor, just made out of cobblestone. I have to do a bit of decorating.

3rd floor of my spawnbase. Including a bookroom (to the right, leading to the roof garden) and a sexy fountain. Furnace, chest and workbench in the corner.

Another view of the third floor. To the upper right is a small ladder leading to a drop down exit outside. Its my "Fire escape".

Close up of bookroom and that small ladder.

This is the bookroom. I keep it in low lighting because the red mushrooms naturally grow in low lighting so i keep the room dark. Kinda ironic because you need light to read lol. But there are no books in minecraft in which you need the light to read so there. The ladder leads to the 4th, 5th and 6th floor.

Took the ladder up to the roof garden. Notice those golden rocky blocks? Those are lightstone. Most of the outside of my base is made from this and it lights the entire base up in the middle of the night! It can be seen from large distances.

Full view of the garden. You can see that the glass floor doubles as a sunroof for the third floor. I placed lightstones there in a pattern so the third floor can be lit up evenly at night. Anyways, the garden includes wheat, roses, trees and yellow flowers. I may build a small treehouse one day.
To the upper left is the 5th and 6th floor balcony.

Here's the 5th floor, nothing much here. In the corner up there is another ladder leading to the 6th floor.

You can see a decent view from the 6th floor here.

FInally, heres another mod I want to show off. These signs let me teleport anywhere i've visited.

Later on, I'll show you my new desert base that I've finished a few hours ago.

Beautiful sunset from my second desert base. I also have a more decent roof garden and a glass waterfall! The garden is so elaborate that animals spawn there. You often see chicken eggs laying around!


  1. Minecraft look like crap, but I still play it.

  2. Fire escape...Why the hell did I never think of that? So many times I burned to death that could have been avoided...

  3. why is that game so much fan?

  4. I freaking love your minecraft home. Wish mine was that good, haha. I tried building a house completely out of glass blocks myself. Turned out okay I suppose to someone who's new to the game.

  5. Dam I luv Minecraft so much. I'm working on something top secret right now and as soon as I'm done Ima post it Thx for posting!

  6. Wow, you really worked on it, good job !

  7. Lots of strategy and thinking, seems like my type of game.

  8. this is such a cute game :D

  9. <3 Minecraft, awesome creations bro :)

  10. What is the meaning of this game?

  11. the teleport mod looks promising


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